Josef Originals
Originally Josef figures were created by a designer named Muriel Joseph George. She designed darling figures of young ladies, and women. She also designed adorable animal figures. Muriel began selling these fanciful figures in 1940. Her figures were sold and produced in California until 1960. As costs of production continued to soar in the United States Muriel and her partner (George Good) found a company in Japan which made her figures to her specifications. These figures were imported and continued to sell well. Muriel retired in 1985 and her partner took over. The company continued to produce the darling figures that Muriel had designed. George Good redesigned some of the original figures slightly. The early figures with a glossy finish and black eyes are the most collectible. They are usually signed on the bottom. Brown eyed girls were made from 1982-1985. These are sometimes found with a bisque finish. The company was sold in 1985 and took the name Dakin/ Applause. Some Josef figures are still being made with brownish red eyes.

Information for this breif history came from the

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