The L. G Wright Company
The L. G Wright Company was founded in New Martinsville, West Virginia in late 1937, by Lawrence "Si" Wright. Wright's experience in the glassware industry was limited to a few years as a commissioned salesman for the New Martinsville Glass Company and a number of other glassware and pottery companies. However, he was a quick study, and developed many contacts with both the glass houses and the wholesale buyers. As a result, he was the perfect person to open a business that contracted with glass makers to produce wares he could supply in bulk to wholesalers. Wright had prestigious glass houses such as New Martinsville, Fenton Art Glass, Fostoria, Morgantown, Paden City Westmorelamd and numerous others produce glass for him from his moulds. Some of the moulds he owned were original moulds from companies that had closed. However, many of the moulds were produced for Wright as reproductions of old glass. Reproductions of barber bottles, pressed glass water goblets, lamps and covered animal dishes were a large part of the Wright sales. Among the important patterns were Moon and Star, Daisy and Button, Eye Winker and Panel Grape. An in house decorating shop for the purpose of hand painting designs onto glassware was even opened in 1968. After L. G. Wright's death in August, 1969, his wife continued to run the company. Many colorful opalescent and Carnival Glass designs were produced under her leadership. After her death in 1990, ownership of the company passed to Mrs. Wright's cousin and her daughter. These two ladies led the company for almost a decade. In 1999, the entire assets of the company were sold at auction. The glass inventory was sold to many collectors from around the country. Also, the moulds went to other glass companies. Some of these moulds are once again being used to produce glass.

For more information on the history of the L. G. Wright Company and for information about the distribution of the old L. G. Wright moulds please refer to the book "L. G. Wright Glass" by The West Virginia Museum of American Glass, Ltd.