Louie Glass Company
Louie Glass Company (Founded 1926)
The Louie glass Company was organized in 1926 by Louie Wohnic in Weston, West Virginia. This company was a primary maker of blown crystal and colored pitchers, tumblers vases and tumble ups. Early colors included black, cobalt, green and pink. Later ruby was added. Some stemware was made with a crystal bowl and colored foot. Molds were sometimes transferred between The Louie Glass Company, the Weston Glass Company and the West Virginia Specialty Company to better make use of production capacity and facilitate the timely delivery of orders. The repeal of prohibition resulted in a boom for the production of the company's barware. By 1940, color was gone from the line and only crystal glassware was made. Louie Wohic operated the company until his death in 1950. After that his daughter ran the operation until the company was sold in 1972. The company continued to be operated as Louie Glass until it became a part of Princess House in 1996.

The information for this brief history of Louie Glass was taken from "West Virginia Glass Between the World Wars" by Dean Six. This is an excellent source for information on some of the little known West Virgina glass companies. It helps collectors to identify some the Depression glass pieces that they have not been able to find a reference for in the past. I would recommend any serious collector of glass purchase this book.