The Monongah Glass Company
The Monongah Glass Company was established in 1903 in Fairmont, West Virgina. Monongah mass produced pressed and blown glassware. Monongah was one of the very first companies to use machinery to mass produce their glassware and they made such huge quanities of glass that they were the one of largest glass factories in the United States by 1928. They are known for their beautiful plate etchings. Two of the patterns you may be familar with are "Springtime" and "Bo Peep". In 1928 The Hocking Glass Company bought out Monongah and the company ceased to exist under the Monongah name.

The Information for this brief history came from the book "Colored Glassware of the Depression Era 2" by Hazel Marie Weatherman.

and from "West Virginia Glass Between The World Wars" by Dean Six.

Both of these books are excellect sources of information about early American made glassware. Everyone interested in collecting glass from this time period should own both books.