Southern Potteries (Blue Ridge)Patterns

Castlewood- Castlewood is a very distinctive pattern which combines yellow, maroon, and purple flowers. Dinnerware can be found to accompany the pretty china pieces that are found. The pattern is not easily found, but is well worth the hunt. Blue Ridge patterns tend to be very busy. Castlewood is stylish country without being gaudy.

Gilbertine- This pretty pattern, like so many others that Blue Ridge produced, is a combination of Roses, Tulips, and other flowers combined with pretty colored accent foliage. Gilbertine fits in nicely with Spring Bouquet and a score of other Blue Ridge decorated dinnerware patterns. I have never seen a complete dinnerware set in this pattern, but it could exist. The pieces that are known to exist were made to complement other patterns.

Mardi Gras - The Mardi Gras Pattern consists of two large flowers (blue and pink) which are surrounded by other smaller buds and foliage. A complete set of this pattern can be found. It can also be mixed with other Blue Ridge sets with similar patterns.
Peasant- This pretty hand painted pattern was produced by the Southern Potteries Company of Erwin, Tennessee. The pattern was copied from an earlier pattern named Quimper. This beautiful pattern is one of the most popular Blue Ridge dinnerware patterns to have been produced. The most commonly found pieces in this set are the relishes. Pitchers, teapots and dinnerware items are extremely hard to obtain.
Tralee Rose- Tralee Rose is a pretty pattern that consist of roses that wrap around the pitcher in a winding pattern mixed with branches and leaves. This pretty pattern is most often found on the Virgina shaped jug which is shown in our
Lyonnaise- This pretty hand painted pattern was produced by the Southern Potteries Company of Erwin, Tennessee. This pattern is often confused with the Peasant pattern but is really quite different. This pattern is found on the Clinchfield shape, and is bordered with yellow and blue rings.
Nove Rose- Nove Rose is one of the many rose decorated patterns produced by by the Southern Pottries Company. This lovely Blue Ridge pattern consists of a mixture of pretty Roses and bright tulips. Many of the Blue Ridge China pieces and shapes can be found in this pattern. A complete dinnerware set can also be obtained.
Iris- Iris is a very hard to find pattern. This pattern is found on some of the China pieces. I am not sure this style Iris pattern can be found on dinnerware. As expected Iris has a series of pretty Iris's which are strategically places evenly around the piece. For a larger view of this item please click on the picture shown.
Prairie Rose- Prairie Rose is a popular Blue Ridge pattern commonly found on the Colonial Blank. This pretty pattern has green trim with wild Praire Roses as its design. The simple design appeals to many collectors. A complete dinnerware set with numerous accessory pieces is available in this pattern. For a larger view of the pattern please click on the shakers to the left.
Raining Violets- This pretty floral pattern has a scattering of Violets and a pink trim. It is very hard to tell this pattern from many of the other Blue Ridge violets decorated patterns that have been listed, and to tell the truth, were I collecting this pattern I would add any "Spring Shower" or "Dogtooth Violet" pieces to my "Raining Violets" collection. For a larger view of this item please click on the photo.

Tussie Mussie Like most of the Blue Ridge Vitreous fine porcelain or china, this pretty pattern was introduced in the mid 1940s. Its simple design of mums and violets makes it a pretty pattern to use with many dinnerware sets. The pretty blue border adds a touch of class. This pattern can be found on other Blue Ridge serving pieces in the fine china category.
Vinca This beautiful Blue Ridge Pattern is a simple design of pastel flowers arranged stragetically on a divided dish. I am not aware that there are other pieces in this pattern. This relish fits in with about 10 other Blue Ridge patterns that use this flower in these colors. This divided plate may have been intended to go with all of them.
Waltz Time

Waltz Time is a Blue Ridge pattern that is very popular today. It is elaborately decorated with roses, tulips, and other foliage within a pretty blue border. Like many patterns made by Southern Potteries, it can be mixed with other similar Blue Ridge patterns. Most dinnerware pieces can be found in Waltz Time, so if you are a purist you can put together a complete set in this pattern.

Whig Rose- This is one of the Blue Ridge Roses patterns that is more elaborately hand-painted than most. This lovely pattern is found on some of the China pieces like the lovely Rebecca jug which you see in our photo. The roses are enhanced with bunches of pretty miniature violets.

For a close-up view of this popular pattern please click on the jug to the left.