Franciscan Patterns
Apple- (Made in U.S.A -1940s -1984) This pretty hand painted pattern was produced by the Gladding McBean Company. This pretty pattern is one of the most extensive patterns produced by this company. There are about 100 pieces to be found in the older American made Apple pattern. Most of these pieces are marked with a USA backstamp and one of the Franciscan backstamps, but a few of them just have a number on the bases or backs. Many of the Apple pieces which were produced in England have the same shapes as the older pieces, but the quality of the hand painting is not as good. Most collectors can tell at a glance if they are looking at a new or old piece. If it is difficult for you to tell most pieces are stamped Made in England. Apple is still being made today. Many of the shapes are new designs, and cannot be confused with the older pieces.. These pieces are currently being made in Portugal. With the move to Portugal the quality has gone even farther downhill so causes little confusion in the collector market.

Cafe Royal ( Made in The U.S.A.1980s) Cafe Royal looks very similar to Desert Rose. However, this pattern has a white rose with a coffee colored background. This pretty earth-toned dinnerware fits in nicely with the warm tones popular during the 1980s. Franciscan used the Desert Rose Molds to produce Cafe Royal, so the number of pieces is very extensive.
Desert Rose- ( Made in U.S.A. 1941-1984) Desert Rose was even more popular then Franciscan's Apple pattern. It was Franciscan's most popular selling pattern during the U.S. production period. Both Apple and Desert Rose have close to a hundred different pieces, so putting together a collection can be a daunting task. Pieces before 1947 have green trim on the lids. After 1947 the green trim was discontinued due to production costs. Pieces made after 1984 in England did not have the same quality in the hand painted design. Most collectors can tell at a glance if their item is new or old, but if they are unsure they can check the bottom to see if the piece is stamped "Made in England". Pieces of Desert Rose are made today in Portugal, but many of the shapes have been changed, and the quality cannot be compared to the beautiful pieces made in California.
Ivy ( Made in The U.S.A. 1948-1983) This pretty hand painted pattern was first released with twenty -seven separate shapes. The pattern was so popular that it was expanded to accommodate the demand. The Ivy decoration consists of an ivy vine that delicately entwines around the various shapes. Ivy pieces also have a green trim on the edge of most pieces.
Starburst- ( Made in U.S.A. 1954-1960s) In the 1950s Franciscan captured the imagination of its customers by designing a Modernistic shape called "Eclipse". This exciting shape was created by Franciscan designer George James. This stylized Deco 50s shape would prove to sell well. Starbust was the first pattern to be introduced on this blank. Starburst became one of Franciscan's most popular designs and has become one of the best known Fransciscan collectibles today. The fresh new Space Age shape with its turquoise and chartreuse stars fit perfectly into the newly designed homes of this time period. The Eclipse shape and the Starbust design have transcended time and can be found in many modernistic style homes today.