Hall Coffee Shapes

Million Dollar Coffee Pot

The Million Dollar Coffee Pot was made by the Hall China Company for the F.S. Martin Company which was located in Chicago Ill. Production of the coffee pot began in 1939. We believe the backstamp shown here is an earlier version of the coffee pot. This backstamp was later replaced with a round gold backstamp that includes the F.S Martin Company name. This coffee pot originally sold for from $4.95 to $7.50 which was indicated on the various backstamps.

Production Years: (1939-)

Colors That Have Been Found: ( Black, Brown Luster, Canary, Chinese Red, Emerald, Green Luster, Indian Red, Marine)

Coffelator Coffee Pot

Hall China produced this fantastic coffee pot for the Coffelator Company of Newark, New jersey in 1939. The patent for this design was owned by Coffelator. Because this coffee pot was made by other companies it is sometimes confusing to collectors. It is easy to tell a Hall Coffelator from those made by other companies by the white underside of the pot.
Coffelator colors that have been found include
Black, Chinese Red, Cobalt, Emerald, Indian Red (tangerine), and Ivory. It was reported to have been made in delphinum, but we has not been seen in this color.

Production Years: (1939-)

French Coffee Biggin

The Hall China Company produced this attractive coffee pot /teapot in a 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9, and 10 cup sizes. The complete coffee pot consists of a coffee bottom, a dripper, a lid and a spreader. The lid also fits the coffee pot bottom and it can be used in this manner as a teapot. As a matter of fact this combination was sold in some early ads as a teapot. The French Coffee Biggin was introduced in 1930 and stayed in the line until 1964. Solid colored French Coffee Biggin colors that have been found include Black, Cadet Blue, Canary, Chinese Red, Cobalt, Lettuce Green, Stock
and Warm Yellow (other colors may be found). Other colored decorations include Golden Glo, Matte Gold, and Two Tone. Decals found on this shape coffee pot are Blue Blossom, Blue Garden, Floral Lattice, and Wild Poppy (Poppy and Wheat). This coffee pot has also been found recently with the gold French Flower decoration.

Production Years: (1930-1964)