Hall Teapot Shapes

Automobile Teapot -

The Automobile teapot was one of six cleverly designed teapots that were designed by the Hall China Company as a part of their Novelty Teapot Group. These teapots were introduced in 1938 and produced until the end of 1941. The Automobile teapot is one that has found favor with buyers and collectors since 1938 when it was introduced. The automobile teapot is found in solid colors, with the Gold Standard decoration, and with The Gold "Special" decorations, in addition some teapots will be even more ornately gold decorated. Platinim was also used to decorate some of the teapots.

Solid colors for the Automobile teapot include Art Glaze Blue, Black, Cadet Blue, Canary, Chinese Red, Cobalt, Delphinium, Dresden, Emerald, Indian Red, Ivory, Marine, Maroon, Orchid, Turquoise, and Warm Yellow. Gold Special decorations have only been found on Warm Yellow Teapots thus far.

The automobile was reissued in 1993 as a limited edition collectible for China Specialties. These teapots were stamped with the square Hall mark and the year that they were made. They came in colors that Hall never made old, but some of them are similar so the buyer needs to be aware of the differences. The newer automoble did not have the spout tooled the way the earlier automobiles did. Later China Specialties had some of the teapots decorated with some of the older decaled patterns. These patterns include Autumn Leaf, Blue Blossom, Blue Bouquet, Cameo Rose, Cat-Tail, Christmas Tree, Crocus, Little Red Riding Hood, Mexicana, Orange Poppy, Red Poppy,, Silhouette, and Sun Porch.

Bacharach Teapots- Hall produced several versions of the T-ball teapot for a company out of New York called Bacharach. They made both a round and a square version of this interesting Teapot. The pouches on the side were to hold teabags. In 1984 Hall reintroduced the square T-Ball as part of The Hall American Line. The newer teapots do not have the Bacharach backstamp.

Round T-Ball-

The round T-Ball teapot was introduced in 1941 and made by the Hall China Company for Bacharach. These teapots are signed with the following backstamp: "T-BALL

The T-Ball Round has been found in solid colors (Chinese Red, Cadet, Canary, Cobalt, Emerald, Ivory, Marine, Maroon, Silver Luster, Stock Brown, and Stock Green). It has also been found in Cobalt and Black with gold decoration. This teapot is marked "Hall" with a gold label number.

Bird Cage Teapot The Bird Cage teapot was introduced by the Hall China Company in 1938. This fancy teapot was one of 6 innovative designs that Hall called their Novelty Teapots. The Novelty Teapot series was in production from 1938 until the end of 1941.

Production Years: (1938-1941)

The birdcage teapot is found in solid colors and with gold decoration. Gold decoration consists of highlighting lines on the cage and gold decoration on the embossed birds. The gold decorations come in both the Standard Gold Decoration (shown above), and Special Gold Decoration which also has a gold spout and handle.

Colors That Have Been Found: ( Cadet, Canary, Chinese Red, Cobalt, Emerald, Indian Red, Ivory, Marine, Maroon, Turquoise, Warm Yellow, Cadet with Standard and Special Gold Decorations, Canary with Standard and Special Gold Decorations, Cobalt with Standard and Special Gold Decorations, Emerald with Standard Gold, Ivory with Standard Gold, Marine with Standard Gold, Maroon with Standard Gold, and Turquoise with Standard Gold)

This teapot was also made by the Hall China Company for the National Autumn Leaf Collectors Club with the Autumn Leaf Decoration in 1996. It is marked with the NALCC backstamp. In 1998 the Birdcage was released in ivory and gold for the East Liverpool Alumni Association. This teapot is marked with the ELHS backstamp. Both of the teapots are easy to distinquish from the older version. The finial on the lid of the older pot is open while the one on the newer teapots is solid.

Boston Teapot The Boston teapot was one of the original four selected for Hall'a venture into the retail markets in 1920. During the 1920s several different styles of gold decorations were used. These decorations are not easy to find and are seen most often on teapots with a stock brown, stock green, or cobalt body. Teapots with the early gold decorations will often be found with an embossed Hall mark with the #4 backstamp. Boston teapots can be found in sizes ranging from one cup to eight cups. They are found many of the Hall patterns. Known patterns of older teapots include: Autumn Leaf, Blue Blossom, Blue Bouquet, , Blue Willow, Crocus, Gaillardia, Orange Poppy, Pastel Morning Glory, Wildfire.

Donut Teapots Donut teapots are one of the most popular shapes that the Hall China Company ever produced. This teapot was introduced in 1938. The Deco style of this teapot fits in nicely with the newer Retro styles being created in our homes today. The Donut teapot was part of a series of 6 teapots created by Hall called the Novelty teapots. The Donut came in many colors and in quite a few decaled patterns as well. The standard gold decoration, consisting of a few thin lines on the handle, lid and spout is often found on this teapot. Less often, a Gold Special (solid gold handle, knob, and spout) may be obtained. The solid colors are more common to find then the decorated or decaled patterned teapots. Older solid colors known to exist include: Black, Cadet, Canary, Chinese Red, Citrus, Coblat, Delphinium, Emerald, Indian Red, Ivory, Marine, Maroon, Orchid, Turquoise, and Warm Yellow. The Donut can be found with standard gold in Black, Cadet, Canary, Cobalt, Delphinium, Emerald, Ivory, Marine, Maroon, and Turquoise. Other solid and decorated colors may still be found. Known colors of Gold Specials include Black, and Emerald Green. It is possible other colors may be found in the future. Older Decaled patterns include Orange Poppy (which is the most common), Blue Blossom, and Crocus.

Newer donut teapots were also made by Hall. Thornberry, which was located in Ohio also bought teapots from from Hall from the 1970s through the 1980s. They decorated these teapots with floral decorations. The Autumn Leaf Club (NALCC) comissioned Hall China to produce the Donut teapot in 1997. This teapot is marked with a NALCC backstamp. In the 1990s Donut teapots were made for Naomi's Antiques in San Francisco. These teapots are stamped "Made especially for Naomi's of San Francisco 1993" and are easily distinguished from the older teapots. The East Liverpool Alumni Association had the Donut made in Ivory with Gold (marked "ELHS ALUMNI "). Today Hall is still producing this shape as a part of Hall Classics line. This teapot can be found in newer colors, although some are fairly close in color to the older ones. These newer teapots have the square Hall backstamp as opposed to the round one used on the older teapots. All of these "newer" teapots are lovely but lack the hand tooled work at the spout that the older teapots had. It is easy to tell the difference when placing an old teapot next to a newer one.

Globe Teapots Globe teapots were produced by the Hall China Company as early as the 1930s. The first teapots were the standard Globe with a straight spout. Later in the 1950s the No Drip Globe was introduced.

No Drip (Globe No-Drip)

The No-Drip Globe teapot was introduced into the Hall line in the 1950s. This lovely teapot has a turned down spout as opposed to the earlier Globe teapot which had a straight spout.
This pretty teapot was made in both
solid colors and with standard gold decoration. The gold decoration on this teapot is a band of flowers with a floral drapery below. Known colors without decoration include Addison, Cadet Blue, Canary, Camellia, Chartreuse, Marine, Rose, and Turquoise. All of these colors can also be found with the Standard Gold decoration.

Hall Los Angeles Teapot

This fantastic teapot was introduced by Hall China in 1926, and stayed in the line until sometime in the 1960s. It is found in three sizes, eight-cup, 6-cup, and four-cup. Of the three sizes the 6 cup is the most common.

Los Angeles teapots were very popular and common colors in the 6 cup size are fairly easy to find. Teapots can be found with Standard Decoration, Gold Label Decoration (Medallion), with decals added, and with hand-painting. There have also been teapots found with several gold decorations including, Sponge, Mini-fleurette, Band and Lace . Colors found include Black, Blue Turquoise, Cadet, Canary, Chinese Red, Cobalt, Dresden, Emerald Green, Maroon, Monterray, Pink, Stock Brown, Stock Green, and Warm Yellow. There are several two tone teapots like the one we have pictured. They have been found with both yellow and green bands. Both colors have black trim.

Manhattan - This striking shaped teapot was first introduced into the Hall line in the 1920s. The teapot was made in four sizes ranging from a one cup to four cup size. It was issued first in stock green and stock brown. While none of these teapots are easily found, the two cup size seems to be the most common. This teapot has been found in Maroon, Cobalt, Stock Brown, Stock Green, Ivory, Chinese Red, and Emerald Green. Recently it has been found in Cadet Blue (shown). Other colors will probably also be found. The teapot was restyled in the 1940s and the strainer was removed. This teapot stayed in the Hall line until sometime in the 1970s. It has also been found with gold decoration.

McCormick Teapot (Bru-O-lator) #5106- (1930s -1990s) McÇormick teapots were produced as a premium item for McCormick Tea Company by the Hall China Company.

The first teapots were made in a dark brown color about 1916. Later the version (shown above) was introduced in the 1930s.

Production Years:

Early 1930s: (1930s) Emerald and White with Platinum Trim and Lilac and White with Platinum Trim

(1938)-- Introduction of the Turquiose McCormick

(1940s)- Introduction of Blue, Brown, Cadet, and Maroon.

(1980s) Light Blue, Yellow and White

Other colors known to exist are

Black, Coral Peach, Danish White Dark Green, Cobalt Blue Golden Glo, Gourmet Green, Marine Blue, Rose, Pink, and Versailles Blue.

From the 1950s until the 1970s pastel shades were used.

Early treatments included dark brown teapot, the Crocus Design teapot and the Gold French Flower decorations, as well as other gold and silver decorations.

Melody The Melody teapot was introduced by Hall China in 1939. It is a six cup teapot which may be found with a Standard Gold decoration. This decoration consists of three rings close to the base and three more rings inside the white collar. The Melody also comes in a Gold "Special" decoration which has the same gold rings as the standard gold with a solid gold colored knob and handle. This teapot can be found with a few of the older decaled patterns. Decaled patterns include Crocus, and Orange Poppy. Solid colors include Black, Cadet, Canary, Chinese Red, Cobalt, Emerald, Golden Glo, Ivory, Marine, Maroon, Turquoise, and Warm Yellow. The Standard Gold decoration has been found on Black, Cadet, Canary, Cobalt, Emerald, Ivory, Marine, Maroon, Turquoise, and Warm Yellow. Any of the colors listed for the standard gold decoration may also be found with the Gold "Special" decoration.
New York - Hall's New York teapot was added to the Gold Decorated line from the institutional line in 1920. In the ensuing years it became one of the most successful of Hall teapots. It will be found in more colors, sizes, and decorations than any other Hall teapot. The New York shape was also used in many of the decal lines. The New York teapot is still being produced for the institutional line. Newer teapots are identified by the square Hall backstamp.

Nine different sizes --- 1, 1 1/2, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 cup --- of the New York teapot have been produced. The most common sizes are the two, four, six, and eight cup teapots.

Sani-Grid - Hall's Sani-Grid teapot was made in 3-cup and six cups sizes. It was introduced ito the Hall line in 1941. These teapot shapes are sometimes found with decals associated with a few of Hall's major dinnerware and kitchenware patterns such as Wildfire, Rose Parade and Rose White. The six cup size may occaisionally be found with a gold criss cross decoration on the handle and knob and a gold line around the spout and the edge of the lid. It has also been found in Golden Glo and with a Pearlized body and a solid gold handle and knob. A tea set may be produced by adding a matching color open sugar and creamer in this shape.

Gold Decorated Line colors: Cadet, Canary, Cobalt, Emerald Green,Turquoise

Windshield - The Windshield teapot got its name from the stylized upper rim of the teapot. This pretty Deco shape is quite popular and comes in a variety of colors as well as in some of the decaled patterns. This teapot has been found with hand-painting and comes with gold decoration in both Standard Gold and Gold Label styles. The Gold Label Dots decoration has been found with platinum (or silver) dots and trim as well. This lovely 6 cup shape was introduced in 1941 as one of Hall China's Gold Label series teapots.

Solid Colored teapots have been found in Black, Cadet, Camelia, Canary, Chinese Red, Cobalt, Dresden, Emerald, Indian Red, Ivory, Marine, Turquoise, and Warm Yellow. Standard Gold Decoration colors include Black, Cadet, Canary, Cobalt, Dresden, Emerald, Ivory, Maroon, Turquoise, and Warm Yellow.

Gold Label Teapots have been found in Camelia, and Ivory. Other colors may exist.

Old decaled patterns include Orange Poppy, Carrot, Golden Carrot, Game Bird, and Golden Clover . A number of these teapots in decaled patterns have been made by Hall China for China Specialties. The spouts of these newer teapots are not as well tooled and can easily be told from the older ones by simply comparing the spouts.

Patterns made for China Specialties include Autumn Leaf, Blue Bouquet, Cattail, Crocus, Mexicana, Red Poppy, Silhouette, and Silver Glo. Unless these teapots have been tampered with, they are signed with the China Specialties backstamp.