Jeannette Glass Patterns and Shapes
Depression Glass Patterns
Adam - (1932-1934) (Crystal, Delphite Green, Pink, Yellow) - Adam was the best selling pink and green Depression Glass pattern produced by the Jeannette Glass Company. Adam is a pretty stylized floral pattern. This pattern was made primarily in pink and green. A few pieces of Delphite and Yellow have been found. These pieces were experimental and make a nice addition to a collection, but there is not enough of either color to make a set. We have seen quite a few pieces of crystal over the last 30 years. You might be able to put together a small set of crystal, but it would be impossible to put much of it together. The Adam butter has been reproduced. The quality of the new butter dish cannot compare to the older Depression Glass butter dish.

Adam Depression Glass Catalog Reprint

Anniversary- (pink 1947-1949) (crystal, iridescent 1970's and later)( Shell Pink 1958-1959) Anniversary is a lovely pattern produced by "The Jeannette Glass Company" in various colors from 1947 until 1975. We are including Anniversary with the 40s-60s patterns although many people lump pink Anniversary in with Depression Glass because it was listed that way in the first Depression Glass books, and because the pink color is the same hue that was used in Jeannette's earlier Depression Glass patterns. Since this pattern was produced for so many years, it has found it's way into many homes and is very popular today.
Cherry Blossom - (1930-39) (Crystal, Delphite, Jadite, Green, Pink) - Cherry Blossom was produced by the Jeannette Glass Company. Cherry Blossom was Jeannette's most collected pattern. This pattern was made primarily in Delphite, Jadite, and Pink. Cherry Blossom is the largest Depression Glass set to have been made in Delphite. Cherry Blossom is one of the few patterns that has a child's set. The child's set has been found only in pink and delphite.

Cubist- (1929-1933) (Amber, Blue, Crystal, Green, Marigold Iridescent, Pink, White Milk Glass, Ultramarine, Yellow, Experimental Orange Slag) - The Jeannette Glass Company produced Cubist. Cubist is found mainly in crystal, pink, and green. Other colored pieces are usually limited to one or two items. Pitchers and tumblers are elusive and command a high price. Cubist is often confused with Fostoria's American pattern. Cubist items were mass produced, machine made Depression Glass while Fostoria was hand made. Fostoria's pieces were refired and have a sheen, or shiny luster to them.
Doric - (1930-39) (Crystal, Delphite, Green, Pink, Ultramarine, Yellow) - Doric was one a popular Depression Glass pattern in both the green and pink color. It was produced by the Jeannette Glass Company. This striking pattern is hard to find in good shape. Its sharp mold lines around the pattern edges were often damaged even in production. Pink and Green are the only colors that you can complete a full set in. Delphite can be found in serving pieces only. Hard to find pieces in pink and green include the cereal bowls, creams soups (green only), and tumbler.

Doric Listing and Prices

Floragold- (1950s)(Crystal and Iridescent, Some Some Shell Pink Milk glass) One of The Jeannette Glass Company's most popular 1950s patterns. This lovely pattern was a full service dinnerware set. Most pieces of Floragold were mass produced and reasonably priced, but some items such as the cereals, ice teas, and vase were sold as extra pieces. These pieces were higher priced originally and not as many purchased them for their sets. They are harder to find as a result. Jeannette also experimented with this pattern and produced several pieces never put into the regular line. These pieces include a several compotes and a seldom seen butter dish. These pieces when found command a very high price.
Floral (Poinsettia)-(1931-1935) (Black, Crystal, Custard, Delphite, Jadite, Pink, Red, Yellow)

Floral which was named "Poinsettia by collectors before the company name was known, came in an array of colors. While quite a few items came in Delphite, the only colors that you can complete a set in are pink and green. Floral was one of the larger Depression Era Sets produced by the Jeannette Glass Company. Some of the harder to find pieces include the lemonade pitcher, lemonade tumblers, juice pitcher, flat juice tumblers, vases, and vanity items. Shakers have been reproduced in this pattern, but are of poor quality when compared to the real thing. The good news is this is the only item to have been reproduced in this pattern.

Fruits - (Crystal-1931-1935) Jeannette produced this awesome Depression Era Fruits pattern. It is fairly inexpensive to collect because it was sold as a luncheon set. If you love the pattern and the only thing stopping you from collecting it is the non-exist ant pieces, you might try mixing it with Cherry Blossom (another Jeannette pattern.) Cherry Blossom dinner plates and accessory pieces fit in nicely with the set. Tumblers are plentiful unless you are looking for the ice teas.
Holiday (Buttons and Bows)- (pink 1947-1949) (crystal, iridescent 1947-1975)( Shell Pink 1958-1959) "The Jeannette Glass Company" produced Holiday and found that it was one of its most popular pink Depression Glass like patternss. It was first listed in the Depression Glass books, but did not really began production until 1947 so we have listed it with our 40s, 50s, and 60s, patterns. This lovely pattern is moderately priced. Dinners, cups and saucers, serving pieces, pitchers and flat tumblers are easy to find. Other harder to find items include the cakeplate, footed tumblers, and large fruit or console bowl.

Homespun - (Pink, Crystal, and some fired on colors) (1939-1949) This lovely pattern of vertical lines with tiny spaces in between was a creation of the Jeannette Glass Company . Most pieces of Homespun have a waffle pattern in the center. Production of Homespun began in the 1939. Jeannette is one of the few company that produced children's dishes (just like mothers) to go along with their Depression Glass Sets. Homespun has a matching child's set (please click on enlarge to see this set). This pattern does not have a pitcher to go along with it, but many people use the Fine Rib pattern to mix with this set. Fine Rib was made by Hazel Atlas, and fits in perfectly with this pretty set.
Iris - (Crystal-1928-1932, Iridescent-1950s, Multicolored-1970s) Jeannette began production of Iris in crystal during the Depression years. Later in the 50s iridescent Iris was made. In the 1970s flashed colors were produced. The iridescent candy bottom was also made during this time period. Crystal Iris has been reproduced. Telling new items for older ones is difficult. Crystal dinner plates, flat tumblers, footed ice teas, and coasters have been reproduced. These items can be told from the originals. For more details check the back of Gene Florences "Collector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass". Iridescent items have not yet been reproduced.
Shell Pink Milk Glass- In the late 1940s and 1950s, pink milk glass became popular. Fostoria, Fenton, and Cambridge all had their versions of this color. The Jeannette Glass Company introduced Shell Pink in 1958 and discontinued this pretty color in 1959. Shell Pink Milk Glass was made in a variety of pieces which included a punch set, pitcher, tumbler, goblet, cookie jar, candlesticks, bowls, compotes, vases, puff box, cigarette box, relish, snack set, honey jar, cake stand, lazy susan, creamer/ sugar and lid, and a footed nut dish. Experimental items have been found which include an ashtray, the deer powder jar, and a large covered duck jar. Most of the pieces were made as accessory items to use alone or together. Jeannette used many different molds and patterns to put together this interesting assortment.
Windsor (1936-1946) - (amberina, crystal, delphite, green,ice blue, ruby)- Windsor was made by the Jeannette Glass Company. We have listed quite a few colors, but Windsor is commonly found in crystal, pink, and green. You rarely find pieces of the other colors, and finding a complete set of any of them would be virtually impossible. Pink and Green seem to be the most collectible colors. Some hard to find items include creamsoups, ice tea tumblers, and candlesticks.
Kitchenware and Color
Delphite (Jeannette) - (1930s). Severeal companies made Delphite during the Depression Era, but one of the largest lines was produced by The Jeannette Glass Company. This beautiful line was produced in the 1930s and consisted of several different reamers, ribbed canisters with metal lids and square canisters with glass lids , round and rectanglar leftover jars, a matchholder, beater bowl with beater, both square and ribbed shakers, and ribbed horizontal and vertical mixing bowls. Jeannette made two or their major Depression Era dinnerware patterns to accompany this pretty kitchenware. You can find a complete dinner set in both Cherry Blossom and Swirl. McKee also made many pieces in delphite (although the color is a little lighter). Collectors of Jeannette Delphite usually collect the McKee Delphite items as well.

Other Delphite Kitchen Items

Delphite Kitchen Items and Depression Glass

Green Transparent (Jeannette) - (1930s). The Jeannette Glass Company, made a large line of kitchenware in a pretty transparent green to match their Depression Glass dinnerware sets. They made pitchers, measuring cups, leftovers, covered salt and butter boxes, mugs, reamers, sugar shakers, ice buckets, and mixing bowls. They even made a leftover set with their famous Floral Poinsetta pattern in the lid. Jeannette's green kitchenware was made to be used not only with Jeannette's Depression Glass sets, but also with any of their major competition's sets as well. The stylish designs insured that their products would be popular and appeal to many home shoppers. As a result, today it is still possible to add this pretty kitchenware to your kitchen decor.

Other Green Jeannette Pieces

Jadite (Jeannette) - (1930s). This is one of the prettiest shades of Jadite (sometimes spelled Jade-ite by other companies) that was produced by The Jeannette Glass Company during the Great Depression. There were more pieces made in Jeannette's Jadite than there were in their Delphite color. This lovely color came complete with Canisters in a large square shape, small square shape, and in the round ribbed shape. Mixing bowls can be found in at least 3 styles. A salt box, spice jars, spice shakers, leftover dishes, mixers, reamers, custard cups, a measuring cup, and a kitchen pitcher were also made. The only item that wasn't made in Jadite that was produced in Delphite is the match holder. This piece was made in Jadite, but sold only as a custard cup--without the lettering. There has never been an original one found with the matches logo. Many who collect the Jadite Jeannette combine it with Mckee's Jadite kitchenware pieces. Enough pieces may be found to completely do your kitchen in Vintage Jadite.

Catalog Reprint of Jeannette Jadite

Light Jade/Yellow(Jeannette) - (1930s). Most of the major Depression Era Companies had their version of yellow milk glass. The Jeannette Glass Company may have attemped to produce this color with their light jade (nearly yellow) paneled sugar shaker. Since this is the only light yellow piece that Jeannette made, it just may have been an occasional fluke in the composition of the glass used that day, but the other jade items are not found in this color.
Jenny Ware (Jeannette) - (1930s) (crystal, pink, ultramarine). Jeannette had a very large line of kitchenware in transparent pink. One of the major lines was a pattern named Jenny Ware. This pretty ribbed pattern was made in crystal, pink, and ultramarine. The ultamarine was designed to go with Jeannette's ultramarine "Swirl" pattern. Pieces this kitchenware pattern include a pitcher, tumblers, mixing bowls, round and rectangular leftovers, a butter, a reamer, and a four piece tab-handled measuring cup set. This is one of the nicest collections of pink kitchenware available.
Vanity / Bed and Bath Items