Depression Kitchenware and Barware Patterns
Anchor Hocking (Hocking)
Vitrock Yellow - (1930s). This beautiful pattern of Depression Era kitchen glassware was produced by the Hocking Glass Company. It was most likely an attempt to compete with McKee's yellow milk glass line of kitchenware. There were quite a few pieces made in this color, however it must have had a very short production span because it is seldom found. Pieces know to exist are mixing bowls, a four cup measure, leftovers in both round and square shapes, shakers, and a canister set. Finding pieces in this color is difficult, but well worth the effort.
Federal Amber (Golden Glo)- (1930s) The Federal Glass Company made more amber glassware during the Depression, then any of their major competitors. They made full lines of dinnerware patterns such as Madrid and Patrician and to make sure you could complete your kitchen they concentrated on a large line of Kitchenware as well. They made leftovers, reamers, butter dishes, mixing bowls, and pitchers and tumblers. If you collect amber Depression Glass this is the best grouping of kitchenware to be had. The great thing about Federal kitchenware is that it can be mixed with pieces of amber made by some of the other companies.
Hazel Atlas
H.A. Criss Cross - (1930s). This beautiful set was produced by The Hazel Atlas Glass Company. Although many companies made Depression Era kitchen glassware, only a few made kitchen glassware patterns. Criss Cross is one of the few lines of kitchenware from this time period to have an actual pattern. Pieces of this pattern were made in crystal, cobalt, green and pink. Most of pieces found consist of mixing bowls and leftover jars. Pitchers exist in blue and crystal, and tumblers can be found in all colors. Covered sugars and creamers have been found in all colors as well.
H.A. Black Floral - ( 1929-1930s). The The Hazel Atlas Glass Company produced this beautiful decaled pattern. It was made earlier, but certainly fits in well with the Deco 50s look. Black Floral was sold as a dinnerware service with kitchen accessories available. The dinnerware set consisted of bowls, a candy dish, cups and saucers, a platter, sherbet and plates. Extra kitcheware pieces available include a reamer/ measuring cup (shown), tumblers, leftover jars, pitcher, salt, pepper, and spice shakers. Hazel Atlas used the Ovide blank for many of the pieces in this set.
H.A. Green and Red Banded Kitchenware - ( 1929-1930s). Hazel Atlas used its knowledge of color to stay on top of the Depression Glass kitchen glassware market. Red and Green Bands on Platonite can be found on mixing bowls, butter dishes, measuring cups, and tumblers. Simple green and red enameled bands made blending these pieces in with your current kitchen assortment a breeze.
H.A. Transparent Cobalt Kitchenware - (1930s). Hazel Atlas produced the largest line of cobalt Depression Glass kitchenware. This line was quite large and included a one cup and two cup measuring cup (the two cup could be purchased with and without a reamer top), several sizes of reamers, a butter dish (shown), mixing bowl set, lettered canister set, leftover jars, pitchers, and tumblers. Of course the full set of Criss Cross could also be bought and would fit in nicely with this grouping.
H.A. Transparent Green Kitchenware - (1930s). Hazel Atlas produced a fairly large line of transparent green kitchenware during the 1930s. This line was plainer in style then the Criss Cross pattern (shown above), but could be used to accompany the pattern. This line consisted of canisters, mixing bowls, leftover boxes, syrups, mugs measuring cups, shakers, and reamers. In addition Hazel Atlas made many different styles of kitchenware pitchers and tumblers in this pretty color. Of course all of the kitchenware matches their green Depression Glass patterned sets. If one wished to do so, an entire kitchen could be decorated in this pretty color.
H.A. Stars - (1930s). The The Hazel Atlas Glass Company produced this striking barware / kitchen pattern. This enameled star pattern can be found in cobalt with white stars. Pieces of stars include an ice bucket, cocktail shaker, a pitcher and several sizes of tumblers. Crystal ice buckets and tumblers with red and blue enameled stars can also be found.

H.A. Transparent Pink Kitchenware - (1930s). Quite a few kitchen items can be found in Hazel Atlas' pink color, however plain unpatterned kitchenware was not their main focus. There are measuring cups, a reamer with a 2 cup measure, mixing bowls, mugs, syrups, pitchers, and jugs. These accessory items seem to take up where the complete grouping Hazel Atlas Pink Criss Cross and Jennyware paterns left off. Pieces that are lacking in the Criss Cross and Jennyware collections can be found in plain transparent pink, and make a great display. Hazel Atlas pink glassware can also be mixed with Hocking's pink transparent kitchenware.
H.A Transparent Yellow Kitchenware - (1930s). Hazel Atlas produced this line of kitchenware during the 1930s. As far as I know they were the only company to produced a complete line of kitchenware in transparent topaz or yellow. The set includes mixing bowls, leftovers, the 2 cup measure with reamer, a one cup measure and egg cups. This is a wonderful grouping of kitchenware and it goes well with any of the topaz or yellow Depression Era dinnerware sets.


Delphite (Jeannette) - (1930s). Severeal companies made Delphite during the Depression Era, but one of the largest lines was produced by The Jeannette Glass Company. This beautiful line was produced in the 1930s and consisted of several different reamers, ribbed canisters with metal lids and square canisters with glass lids , round and rectanglar leftover jars, a matchholder, beater bowl with beater, both square and ribbed shakers, and ribbed horizontal and vertical mixing bowls. Jeannette made two or their major Depression Era dinnerware patterns to accompany this pretty kitchenware. You can find a complete dinner set in both Cherry Blossom and Swirl. McKee also made many pieces in delphite (although the color is a little lighter). Collectors of Jeannette Delphite usually collect the McKee Delphite items as well.

Other Delphite Jeannette Kitchen Items

Green Transparent (Jeannette) - (1930s). The Jeannette Glass Company, made a large line of kitchenware in a pretty transparent green to match their Depression Glass dinnerware sets. They made pitchers, measuring cups, leftovers, covered salt and butter boxes, mugs, reamers, sugar shakers, ice buckets, and mixing bowls. They even made a leftover set with their famous Floral Poinsetta pattern in the lid. Jeannette's green kitchenware was made to be used not only with Jeannette's Depression Glass sets, but also with any of their major competition's sets as well. The stylish designs insured that their products would be popular and appeal to many home shoppers. As a result, today it is still possible to add this pretty kitchenware to your kitchen decor.

Other Green Jeannette Pieces

Light Jade/Yellow(Jeannette) - (1930s). Most of the major Depression Era Companies had their version of yellow milk glass. The Jeannette Glass Company may have attemped to produce this color with their light jade (nearly yellow) paneled sugar shaker. Since this is the only light yellow piece that Jeannette made, it just may have been an occasional fluke in the composition of the glass used that day, but the other jade items are not found in this color.
Jadite (Jeannette) - (1930s). This is one of the prettiest shades of Jadite (sometimes spelled Jade-ite by other companies) that was produced by The Jeannette Glass Company during the Great Depression. There were more pieces made in Jeannette's Jadite than there were in their Delphite color. This lovely color came complete with Canisters in a large square shape, small square shape, and in the round ribbed shape. Mixing bowls can be found in at least 3 styles. A salt box, spice jars, spice shakers, leftover dishes, mixers, reamers, custard cups, a measuring cup, and a kitchen pitcher were also made. The only item that wasn't made in Jadite that was produced in Delphite is the match holder. This piece was made in Jadite, but sold only as a custard cup--without the lettering. There has never been an original one found with the matches logo. Many who collect the Jadite Jeannette combine it with Mckee's Jadite kitchenware pieces. Enough pieces may be found to completely do your kitchen in Vintage Jadite.
Jenny Ware (Jeannette) - (1930s) (crystal, pink, ultramarine). Jeannette had a very large line of kitchenware in transparent pink. One of the major lines was a pattern named Jenny Ware. This pretty ribbed pattern was made in crystal, pink, and ultramarine. The ultamarine was designed to go with Jeannette's ultramarine "Swirl" pattern. Pieces this kitchenware pattern include a pitcher, tumblers, mixing bowls, round and rectangular leftovers, a butter, a reamer, and a four piece tab-handled measuring cup set. This is one of the nicest collections of pink kitchenware available.
Custard Kitchenware - Mckee made a full line of Depression Era Kitchenware in the Custard color. Custard is generally a light to medium beigh color which is sometimes confused with Mckee's Light Seville Yellow color. Seville Yellow is a true yellow and even when it is light it should not be confused with the custard which has a much browner base. Some custard Mckee is marked but not always.
This canister was sold with Cereal, Flour, Sugar, or Tea enameled on the side. Lettering came in red, green and black. This canister came decorated with Dots, Darts, Floral Decorations, Bows, and other patterns with a custard base.Canisters without the enameled lettering were sold as part of container or leftover set.
Delphite (Mckee) - Delphite is one of the most popular Depression Era kitchenware colors to have been produced. While it harder to find then Jadite or Custard, most pieces can be found. The line was fairly large and included severeal style canisters, measuring cups, reamers, rolling pins, leftover jars, bowls, drip jars, and shakers. Most collectors of McKee's Delphite also collect Jeannette Delphite. Even if you are a purest and collect only McKee, there were enough pieces made to decorated a large kitchen area.
Jadite - One of the largest kitchenware lines that Mckee produced was their line of Jadite. This lovely opaque green color came in just about every kitchenware shape that Mckee produced. There were round canisters with glass lids, canisters with aluminum screw lids, measuring cups, reamers, rolling pins, water dispensers, leftover jars, spice shakers, salt and peppers, water bottles, mixers and mixing bowls in several different shapes. There was even a punch bowl made in this color. Mckee made Depression Glass dinnerware sets in jadite to match the kitchen items. Pieces of some items in children's sizes can also be found.

Sailboats - The McKee Glass Company made a full line of Kitchenware during the Depression all decorated with the Ships design. Typically this decoration comes on white milk glass items, but occasionlly can be found on other colors. The ships decoration can also be found rarely in black and green. All pieces come both with milk glass lids, or crystal lids. Hard to find items include the footed tumblers and the drip jar. Canisters, the measuring cup, and other leftovers are not as easy to obtain in this day and age as they were a few years ago, but certainly not impossible.