McBeth-Evans Patterns
American Sweetheart - (1930-1936) (Crystal, Cobalt, Monax with Color Trimmed Edges, Cremax, Monax, Pink, Ruby) - American Sweetheart is one of the top 10 collected Depression Glass patterns. It is certainly the most popular Depression Glass pattern that the MacBeth Evans Glass Company produced. This pattern is collected equally in both pink and monax. Collecting a set in Ruby or Cobalt is both difficult and expensive. However, when the effort is made to put a set together in one of these two colors the effect is stunning. Sets of Monax American Sweetheart with colored edges are not as hard to find as Ruby or Cobalt sets, but they do present a collector with quite a challenge.
Dogwood - (1929-1932) (Crystal, Creamax, Green, Monax, Yellow) - Dogwood, sometimes called Appleblossom, or Wild Rose is a beautiful mold pressed pattern that has attracted many collectors of Depression Glass. This beautiful and delicate pattern was produced by the MacBeth Evans Glass Company. A set of green can be obtained in this pattern, but the pink color is more commonly found and much easier to acquire. Other colors, listed above, are very hard to find and there are not enough pieces to put together an entire set.
Chinex Classic - (1930s-40s) (Cremax, Cremax Decorated, Ivory, Ivory Decorated)- Macbeth-Evans produced Chinex Classic . This is one of the most elegant Depression Glass patterns and fits in with most fine china sets. The elaborately scrolled pattern is lacy but understated. Macbeth-Evans seemed to have seen the wave of the future and produced this delicate ivory and cremax pattern with what we think of as 50s and 60s colored accents. Chinex Classic fits well into a Depression Era setting, or it can be used to help produce a 50s look for your kitchen or dining area. Chinex Classic can also be found with various fired on floral and castle decals.

Crystal Leaf - (circa 1928) (Pink, Green, Crystal) - Crystal Leaf is a pattern of stylized leaves bordering the bottom and flowing up over the pieces made. This beautiful pattern was designed and produced by Macbeth-Evans in 1928. Pieces include a tankard style jug, a fancy kitchen pitcher, a 5 oz. tumbler, a 9 oz. tumbler, and 12 oz. tumbler. The pattern is best known for the tumble up which was made in this pattern and is shown to the left. This pattern was made for both bedroom and kitchen use.

Petalware - (1930-1940) (Crystal, Pink, Monax, Cremax, Monax and Cremax Decorated) The MacBeth Evans Glass Company produced this lovely Depression Glass pattern. Decorated Petalware in both Monax and Cremax is sought after by today's collectors.