Mckee Patterns, Colors and Kitchenware
Chalaine Blue(1930s) - Mckee was one of the most innovative glass companies of the Depression Era. They were certainly well versed in what people wanted to decorate there kitchens with. They offered many colors and shades in milk glass to help complement the kitchen or dining room era. Chalaine Blue is a light robin's egg blue color that gave a homeowner more of a choice then just the standard Delphite color . Chalaine Blue kitchen items can be found in almost any shape available in the Delphite Blue (see Delphite below for an idea as to what can be found in this pattern). Chalaine Blue was quite popular, but it did not sell as well as Delphite. As a result, it is harder to find today. It is one of the prettiest Depression Glass colors to have ever been created so it is well worth the extra effort and time it takes to collect it.
Custard Kitchenware - Mckee made a full line of Depression Era Kitchenware in the Custard color. Custard is generally a light to medium beige color that is sometimes confused with Mckee's Light Seville Yellow color. Seville Yellow is a true yellow and even when it runs light it should not be confused with the custard which has a much browner base. Some, but not all custard Mckee is marked with the embossed "McK" logo in a circle. This canister was sold with Cereal, Flour, Sugar, or Tea enameled on the side. Lettering came in red, green and black. This style canister in the custard and opaque white colors also came decorated with Dots, Darts, Floral Decorations, Bows, and other patterns. Canisters without the enameled lettering were sold as part of container or leftover set.

Delphite (Mckee) - Delphite is one of the most popular Depression Era kitchenware colors to have been produced. While it harder to find then Jadite or Custard, most pieces can be found. The line was fairly large and included severeal style canisters, measuring cups, reamers, rolling pins, leftover jars, bowls, drip jars, and shakers. Most collectors of McKee's Delphite also collect Jeannette Delphite. Even if you are a purest and collect only McKee,
Innovation Cut Glass Line (1916-Early 20s) - Starting in 1916 McKee introduced a line of glassware they called their Innovation Cut Glass Line. This line consisted of heavy glassware that was deep cut with different designs and patterns. These pieces can be found in crystal, rose, green, blue, and vaseline. Innovation Cut Glass did not bear the McKee mark. Pieces came with paper labels, most of which have been destroyed. The rose bowl shown is one of the many patterns produced. This bowl cutting is called Snappy.
Laurel- ( 1930s) (French Ivory, Jadite, White Opal, Powder Blue (Delphite), French Ivory with, Blue, Red, Orange or Green Rim Decoration, Childrens Dishes Only-- All colors with the exception of White Opal. All colors also decorated with Scotty Dog Decals )

Laurel was appropriately named after the crown of laurel that surrounds each piece near the rim. Laurel was produced by The McKee Glass Company. Like most of the McKee glassware from the Depression Era, it proved to be an extremely popular pattern. Today collectors strive to find this pattern in Jadite and in Delphite. The French Ivory color is not as popular (with the exception of children's dishes), but still has a strong following. This pattern has a set of children's dishes just like mothers. This set can be found in all colors except White Opal, and with the decorations mentioned above. The Laurel child's set is one of the prettiest and hardest to complete of the Depression Glass Children's Sets. It is avidly sought after by collectors of both McKee and Children's Dishes. Delphite or Powder Blue is the hardest color to obtain, followed by Jadite. Pieces of Laurel which are very hard to come by include tumblers, the covered cheese dish, and champagne sherbets.

Jadite - One of the largest kitchenware lines that Mckee produced was their line of Jadite. This lovely opaque green color came in just about every kitchenware shape that Mckee produced. There were round canisters with glass lids, canisters with aluminum screw lids, measuring cups, reamers, rolling pins, water dispensers, leftover jars, spice shakers, salt and peppers, water bottles, mixers and mixing bowls in several different shapes. There was even a punch bowl made in this color. Mckee made Depression Glass dinnerware sets in jadite to match the kitchen items. Pieces of some items in children's sizes can also be found.
Rock Crystal "Early American Rock Crystal - (amber, aquamarine, amethyst, blue, cobalt, crystal, lt.green, dark green, emerald green, white milk glass, olive green, pink, lt. red, dk.red, red slag, yellow, frosted and goofus decorations) (1915 - 1930s) This striking pattern was produced by The Mckee Glass Company. It was their most extensive dinnerware line. This popular pattern has many accessory items which include candies, candlesticks, cakestands, and serving bowls. The listing is enormous, which makes it a fun pattern to collect.
Sailboats - The McKee Glass Company made a full line of Kitchenware during the Depression all decorated with the Ships design. Typically this decoration comes on white milk glass items, but occasionlly can be found on other colors. The ships decoration can also be found rarely in black and green. All pieces come both with milk glass lids, or crystal lids. Hard to find items include the footed tumblers and the drip jar. Canisters, the measuring cup, and other leftovers are not as easy to obtain in this day and age as they were a few years ago, but certainly not impossible.

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