Morgantown Patterns and Stems

#7640 Art Moderne - These lovely stems were produced by Morgantown in 1931. Color combinations include crystal, crystal with Ebony, Venetain Green/ crystal, Anna Rose/ crystal, Ritz Blue/ crystal. These stems can be found with the Morgantown etchings Fawn, Labelle, #762 Arctic, #727 Victoria Etchings, #727 Victoria Regina Decoration. Art Moderne was made to look modernistic and the look has reamained timeless. They look as Deco now as they did when they were popular in the 1930s.

# 778 Carlton Etch- Carlton is a beautiful 1930s etching that Morgantown applied to many different stemware blanks. It was also used on other glassware blanks and sold through department stores. This beautiful draped pattern of urns, flowers, and chains is difficult to find. Carlton has several different versions which have been altered slightly. The pure Carlton etch without alterations is shown in the picture to the left. The #784 Carlton Marco (found on the #7606 Cantata Stem Line) has a platinum encrusted band. The #7665 Carlton Madrid (found on the Laura Stem Line) has a topaz bowl with a crsytal stem. Carlton Frostie (found on #21 and #7023 blanks) included a punch set and vases. These pieces were satinized. Carlton Milan (found on #7668 Galaxy Stem Line) was produced for Sears and Roebuck Co. and for Montomery Ward.

#35 1/2 Electra 10" Vase - Electra vases were produced by the Morgantown Glass Company during the 1930s. These vases are extremely elusive and are sought by Morgantown collectors. These beautiful art glass vases came in a multitude of colors including Crystal, Ebony, Stiegal Green, Meadow Green, Spanish Red, Ritz Blue, and Anna Rose. Vases with the #35 1/2 number were made with with applied handles. These handles were often applied with different contrasting colors. Electra vases can be found plain or with several different optics on the inside, including both Palm optic, and Peacock optic.

#7664 Filament Twist Stem - This beautiful cased or filament stem line came in an array of colors which include Black, Crystal, Spanish Red, and Ritz Blue. The line was made with and without casing. This stem is often found with various etchings. Many of the etchings used such as Superba were Deco and are avidly sought today by Morgantown collectors. Tall sherbets, liqueurs, and cocktails were also available in this line. This stemware line was advertised as Formal Dinner Glassware. For a close-up view of this stem simply click on the picture to the left.

#7643 Golf Ball Stem Line (1930s-50s)- (Anna Rose, Aquamarine, Amethyst (light), Azure,Copen Blue, Crystal, Caramel, Meadow Green, Mission Gold/ Crystal Stem and Foot, Old Amethyst, Peach, Smoke, Spanish Red, Steigel Green, Ritz Blue, and Venetian). Morgantown made this fantastic stemware in a varity of colors with and without etchings. The stems were usually crystal with crystal or colored bowls, but can sometimes be found with colored stems. The Golf Ball stem was one of Morgantown's most popular stemware lines and was sold for quite a few years. This pretty stem line came in at least 15 different sizes, which probably accounts for some of its popularity. Today this stemware is advidly sought after by Morgantown collectors as well as collectors of fine antique dinnerware that want to add a fancy stemware to their fine dining area. For a larger picture of this stem, please click on the picture to the left.

#8445 Plantation - (Cobalt, Ruby, Azure Amethyst, Copen Blue, Mission Gold, Pink champagne, Topaz Mist) This beautiful pattern of stemware was made in about 1954. Champagnes, cocktails, sherries, water goblets, and cordials were produced in this shape. This is an excellent stemware to use in accompaniment with your fine china dishes.