The Spaulding China Company
The Spaulding China Company was established in an area already famous for pottery manufacturing, Sebring, Ohio. The company began production in 1942. It was first located in a garage on East Ohio Avenue, but soon needed more room and was relocated in for a brief period of time in the Old Alliance Vitreous China Company building. Shortly afterward they acquired a building formerly owned by The Sebring Rubber Company. The building was refurbished and the best quality, up to date machinery was installed. The company continued to grow and in the late 1940s a continuous circular kiln replaced their older equipment and allowed them to become a 24 hour operation.

With the advent of the World War II the Spaulding China Company stepped up its production due to the decrease of imports from abroad.

Spaulding used their imagination and innovation to create products of quality with names that suggested a foreign origin. The Spaulding China Company made lines called Royal Copley, Royal Windsor, and they also sold fine quality products under their Spaulding name. They sold assortments of birds, vases, figurines, and wall pockets and named the assortments with fancy names like Regal Assortment, Essex Assortment, Lennox Assortment, Crown Assortment and so on. Department stores loved this marketing tool and bought and sold thousands of these assortments. The Spaulding Company used the slogan "Gift Shop Merchandise at Chain Store Prices".

During Spalding's most prolific period they had over 4000 molds in operation at the same time. They had a huge decorating department, which specialized in the blending of colors. Spaulding continued expand and produce quality ceramic items. They became the second largest producer of art-ware pottery in the United States. After the end of World War II, due to the re-emergence of imports, sales at the Spaulding declined. In 1957, Morris Feinberg, the President and Owner of Spaulding retired. Another company, China Craft filled the remaining orders and contracts for the next two years. However, production of Spaulding China ceased with the retirement of Feinberg.

The brief history of The Spalding China Company was taken from the book

Royal Copley Plus Windsor and Spaulding by Leslie C. and Majorie A. Wolf

This book is a wonderful source of information on Royal Copley.