The Standard Glass Company
The Standard Glass Manfacturing Company was a subsidiary of the Hocking Glass Company.

In 1924 one of Hocking's major plants burned to the ground. At this time two plants which were located in Bremen and Canal Winchester near Hocking's Lancaster plant were acquired and became The Standard Glass Company. Standard and Lancaster Glass (another Hocking subsidiary) were put to use filling orders for Hocking while a new larger plant was planned.

The Standard Glass Company is know for their pretty Depression colored Glassware, that was usually wheel cut or etched. Both Standard and Lancaster used many of the same blanks. However, each company had its own unique cuttings. The sales of both companies were handled through the Hocking Glass Company.

Some of the more popular wheel cuttings made at the Standard plant include:
Martha Washington, Grape, Rose, Trudy, and Blanche. This is but a few of the hundreds of different patterns produced.

Information for this brief history was taken from the book "Colored Glassware Of The Depression Era 2" by Hazel Marie Weatherman.