The Tiffin Glass Company
The United States Glass Company was formed when 18 or more glass companies combined in 1891 to try to survive trying times as a combined unit.

While the idea behind the formantion of this company was a good sound one, the area needed to be supervized and coordinated (during that time period), which involved Ohio, Indiana, West Virgina, and Pennsylvania was too vast to manage well and as a result chaos often preveiled.

After the companies combined, two new plants were built. An automatic facility at Gas City, Indiana, and the hand operation at Tiffin, Ohio. These two companies along with the Glassport, Pennsylvania and Pittsburg plants became the important U.S. Glass plants.

Tiffin produced quality glassware with delicate etchings. They were known for their use of color.

The Gas City branch produced machine made kitchenware, and dinnerware in colored glass through the 1930s.

The factories in Pitsburg were known for there decorating . They decorated lamps, tableware and large line of colored glassware and crystal.

In 1938 the U.S. Glass main offices were relocated in Tiffin, Ohio. By 1951 Tiffin was the only plant still in operation.

Reference for this breif history was taken from the book

"Colored Glassware of the Depression Era 2"by Hazel Marie Weatherman

Any one collecting Depression Era glassware should add this wonderful book to their library

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