Weston Glass Company
Weston Glass Company (1913-1932)
The original Weston Glass Company was founded in Weston, West Virginia about 1913. This company was purchased by a new group in 1919, and in 1920, Louie Wohinc, who later founded The Louie Glass Company of Weston, became manager. The company was deeply involved in the production of crystal and colored pitchers, tumblers vases and tumble ups. After Louie Wohnic became manager, molds were sometimes transferred between The Louie Glass Company and the Weston Glass Company to facilitate timely delivery of orders. Trade publication advertising, trade shows and catalogs were also a joint venture. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to tell which of the Louie Wohnic directed companies made a particular item. In mid 1932, the factory was destroyed by fire. In 1944, Louie Wohnic founded a new glass factory called the Weston Glass Company. This later company was only involed in the production of crystal glassware.

The information for this brief history of Weston Glass was taken from "West Virginia Glass Between the World Wars" by Dean Six. This is an excellent source for information on some of the little known West Virgina glass companies. It helps collectors to identify some the Depression glass pieces that they have not been able to find a reference for in the past. I would recommend any serious collector of glass purchase this book.